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Once you have used a premium rice cooker or water heater, you will never go back to a saucepan, basic rice cooker or kettle

Why Buy Zojirushi?


Synonymous with high quality, stylish design and cutting edge technology. – Zojirushi are the ‘Rolls Royce’ of rice cookers and water heaters and Bento/Tuff thermal products.

Customer No.1

No Asian kitchen is without a rice cooker or water heater – ask anyone in Asia who the leading brand for these products is and they will reply Zojirushi without hesitation

Premium Components

Zojirushi rice cookers are manufactured to the highest quality, using only premium quality components and real thought has gone into the functions on each rice cooker

Rice Experts

Zojirushi has recognised that people want different things in their rice cooker. However, this splitting of functions across different models, or the basic nature of some of the functions, frustrates a lot of people but it emphasises that these products are primarily rice cookers

Healthy and Tasty

Zojirushi products are easy to use and make cooking nutritious, balanced meals so easy! The unique way these premium rice cookers cook means that rice is perfect every time and the texture of the cooked rice is amazing!

That Finishing Touch

Zojirushi rice cookers are clever enough to utilise timer settings so all you need to do after a busy day at work is prepare the rest of the meal. On a cold winter’s morning you can have piping hot, yummy porridge waiting for you with boiling hot water ready to make your morning cuppa!

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